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The Gardens:

The Romantic Garden occupies about one third of the entire surface of this theme-in-theme composition type of landscape called "The Park with Gardens" - which suggests, by the whole of this park arrangement, a journey through the European Gardens. The Romantic Garden has, as points of attraction, a water lilies lake, a birdhouse, decorative assembly of rocks and an extensive collection of roses. The Romantic Garden can be accessed from the alleys of all the other gardens: the English, the Biblical, the Italian, the Modern, the Spanish, the Greek Gardens, and it is partially shaded by climbing roses tunnels.


The English Garden has, as its composition structure, a Celtic-inspired knot, shaped like a four-leaf clover. This is framed by a schematic maze of medium height hedges, which creates natural separations, typical of the medieval era. The green of the lawn represents the traditional background of this garden.

The Biblical Garden is a collection of plants and trees mentioned in the texts of The Christian Scriptures. This garden consists of a circle, split into a cross by a hedge. The Bible Garden is located, in a traditional way, near a public source of drinking water. This garden is a place of rest and contemplation.

The Italian Garden is highlighted by geometrical shapes, associated with lavender flower beds. The masonry element which defines this composition is the red brick. The Italian Garden is an arrangement along an alley, accessible through a brick pillars portal connected by a pergola.

The Modern Garden is defined by a heterogeneous composition of natural stone, concrete, metallic structure and plants. The outdoor office furniture has an industrial design, with ergonomics suitable for study, in an area serviced by wireless internet. Modern relaxation spots, chromatically integrated into the green of the lawn, are located in the perimeter of the study area.

The Spanish Garden is designed based on the monastic landscaping trend. The paths of the alleys are shaped as a cross, according to the trend of the Spanish gardens. This garden is located near an existing church, in order to harmonize it in this arrangement. The Spanish Garden is accessible through portals with arches.

The Greek Garden is landscaped with perennial green foliage plants. The distinct elements of the Greek Mediterranean style are: a leisure purpose mini-amphitheater and an access gate made of a portal of Greek columns, connected by a pergola.

Functional Use:


The Playground - measuring 7,175 square meters, is equipped with 45 playground equipments for school and preschool children, with both normal skills and disabilities, as well as a football field.

There is also a Dirt BMX Bike Path included in the playground.


The Parking Lots measure 1,300 sqm on Uranus Street and 701 sqm on Versului Street.


A dedicated Dog Kennel is arranged on an area of 574 square meters and it is equipped with 4 play equipments for dogs.


Other Technical Indicators:


Total landscaped surface is of 80,870.56 sqm.


Paved Alley Area is 6,763.2 sqm.


Urban Furniture amounts to:

Benches - 115 pcs.

Trash cans - 114 pcs.

Pergolas - 11 pcs.


The comfort of the night crossing was increased by supplementing the park's lighting, by installing 77 pcs. solar lighting poles.


THE GARDENS PARK is an urban landscape born in the year 2016 in Timisoara City, Timis County, Romania.
The Gardens Park is a conceptual name. The Park is also known as Little Forest Giroc Park, and as  former Lidia Park.
The Gardens Park is located in the Southern part of Timisoara, near the district Soarelui, being bordered:
- to South by Blv. Maresal C-tin Prezan (formerly Lidia Street),
- to East by Uranus Street,
- to West by Versului Street,
- to North by the Waldorf School grounds.
General initiative and coordination:

Timișoara City Hall Environment Department,

Green Spaces And Playgrounds Service                                   

Executive Director: Adrian-Amedeo Bere-Semeredi

Head of Service: Diana-Mihaela Nica

Technical project financing and execution:

The financing sources of this project were provided by the local budget of the Timișoara Municipality.

The total value of the investment (VAT included) was 1,599,989 Euro.

The effective duration was 12 months.

The handing over of the fully landscaped and equipped site took place in 2016.

The technical elaboration team of the project:


General Manager: Ing. Andrei Tolgyi

General Technical Project Coordinator:

Landscape Eng. Oana-Janina Iacobescu

Digital Design:

Landscape Eng. Nicoleta Dorica Elena Dara

Architectural Works Coordinator:

Arch. Adriana-Claudia Frațilă

Construction Resistance Manager:

Eng. Stefan Justin Simion Ilie

Responsible for the Supervision and Technical Verification

of the Installations: Eng. Marius-Dan Șerbănescu

Project execution:


Landscape Coordination: 

Landscape Eng. Daniela Acasandrei

General Manager: Eng. Sorin Doda

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Sections: nature, urban, 7 gardens portfolio - Photo album The park with Gardens - 2019,

by Hobby Photographer Petru Csokany

Section: urban, Photos&Videos from Trib'Art Association's urban events - 2017, 2019, represented by Ovidiu Florian Andriș

Presentation pictures in Posters&Photo Albums GARDENSPARK Landscapes & GARDENSPARK Profiles - 2020,

by Free Lancer Professional Photographer Daliana Iacobescu 

Video&Posters Presentation of The Gardens Park - 2020,

by Professional Photographer Sebastian Puraci, S.C. Vivo Media Production S.R.L.

Aerial Filming, Amateur Video of The Gardens Park - 2020,

by Oana-Janina Iacobescu

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